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Package Tours

Our package tour covers whole of India as per our schedule and tour layout. We also undertake customized tours as per travelers' requirement, corporate tours, excursions, school/college/University group tours etc.

We are travelers, and we cherish traveling to untouched destinations just like you. We have explored every corner of India and our local contacts in the remotest areas help our guests to take some of the activities which others cannot arrange. We can take our guests for a camel ride along sand dunes, arrange for a horse ride along mountain creeks or trek for a 360 degree view of the Himalayas.

We have in our team some of the best tourism registered tourist guides to assist our guests in sightseeing trips and treks around the country. Our dedicated travel desk arranges for all permits for the guests to even the remotest route and we have the most modern lodging facilities with 24-hour power supply for the guests even at 12000 feet!

Needless to mention, we are always committed towards meeting every requirement of our guests while constantly working towards foreseeing the same. Our group has designed its facilities and services to address the needs of its guests, and the process of fine-tuning and upgrading the same is a continuous one. We trains ourselves to be culturally sensitive and inclusive towards guest from any part of the country or indeed from anywhere around the globe. We seek to be innovative in our product offerings. 

The mission of ours is thus to continue to work as a team across all levels of operations, in order to offer services, products and a hospitality culture that are the pride of our workforce, the backbone of our leadership, while rising above the conventional industry standards to bring a delightful, convenient and hassle free experience to our guests, so that they continue to give patronage to our brand.

Travel experience with Ekanta Apan is compared to none. Their ever alert attention to all details make them stand apart in the crowd. They always make it a point to see even all minute issues to make your tour a pleasurable one. If ever I make a second tour I will always choose Ekanta Apan. Not only this, I will always suggest every one who wants to take a holiday tour to at least experience Ekanta Apan once in their life time... From: Mr. Saibal Chatterjee on Ekanta Apan Tours & Travels.