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Central India Tour

Madhya Pradesh (12/14 Days)

Package covers: Khajuraho (1N), Bandhabgarh (1N), Amarkantaka (2N), Panchmari (2N), Jabbalpur (1N), Bhupal (1N), Indore (2N)

Tour Price: Rs.15,000/- & Rs.17,000/-

Tour Dates: 28/9, 3/10, 9/10,  27/10, 23/12

Travel experience with Ekanta Apan is compared to none. Their ever alert attention to all details make them stand apart in the crowd. They always make it a point to see even all minute issues to make your tour a pleasurable one. If ever I make a second tour I will always choose Ekanta Apan. Not only this, I will always suggest every one who wants to take a holiday tour to at least experience Ekanta Apan once in their life time... From: Mr. Saibal Chatterjee on Ekanta Apan Tours & Travels.